EcoDiesel Propane/Natural Gas Injection

The EcoDiesel System is a state of the art supplemental alternative fuel injection system designed for 4 stroke diesel engines. A precisely metered volume of a supplementary fuel such as propane or natural gas, is introduced into the post-turbo air stream of a diesel engine. Proprietary fuel mapping and algorithms in conjunction with two microprocessors continually monitor engine load and various engine sensors to provide dynamic control of the alternate fuel.

The addition of the supplemental fuel charge alters the combustion process to increase engine efficiency. The final result is substantially reduced diesel fuel consumption with lower exhaust emissions without compromising power.

The advanced sensor monitoring by the EcoDiesel System provides a safe operating environment for the engine. Additional system features include automatic shutdown should safe parameters be exceeded.






Cleaning Up The Earth AND Saving You Money....One Diesel At A Time  EcoDiesel hits another milestone having received E7 EU certification for both LPG and CNG.........The EcoDiesel System has Patent Pending status in 142 countries including the United States and Canada.........Recent emission testing has exhibited substancial emission reductions helping to pave the way to regulatory compliancy..........The soon to be released EcoDiesel MAX series supports 25 litre and larger transportation and stationary engines...................   













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