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Controller Features

 > Fully laptop programmable

 > Dual microprocessor controlled system

 > Real time fuel corrections (30 times per second)

 > Engine load based fuel map

 > Temperature and pressure compensated

 > Compatible with both turbo and non-turbo engines

 > Pressure compensated gas regulator for linear operation

 > Fuel injectors specifically designed for gaseous fuels

 > LPG, CNG, or Bio-Gas compatible

 > Idle emissions mode allows injection at idle

 > Fuel cut during deceleration/braking saves fuel

 > Cruise control feature allows all-mode compatibility

 > Independent engine sensors for un-intrusive installation

 > Full onboard system diagnostics

 > Rugged/weatherproof design

 > Independent operation from factory ECU

 > Safety shutdown monitor

 > USB 2.0 interface for programming/monitoring

 > Compatible with 24 and 36 volt systems

 > 3 year 5000 hr. warranty

 > Designed and built in North America







Environmental and Economical Benefits


> Reduces other harmful greenhouse gas







> Engine oil remains cleaner extending


    and less waste oil in the environment. 


    service intervals resulting reduced costs 



    emissions such as NOX
> Allows effective use of catalytic converters
> Significantly reduces particulate matter
> Cleaner alternative for older engines
    allowing a virtually endless range of


Software Features

  > Self-calibrating base fuel map for "out of the box" operation

  > "On the fly" fuel map tuning for specific applications

  > Live data recording features for diagnostic aid

  > Log viewer for data interpretation

  > On board diagnostic/troubleshooting features

  > Four system timers to log Engine run time in all operational modes

  > Live data and system status indicators for system monitoring

  > System monitoring viewable on fuel mapping or dashboard screens

 > Compatible with Win98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7

    to further reduce harmful emissions
    allowing extended service life and economic
> Works with literally any diesel engine






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