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 EcoDiesel System News


    EcoDiesel receives E7 EU certification for both LPG and CNG !
Certification #  E7*67R0 1594701 for LPG   Certification #   E7*110R 1594702 for CNG

    The EcoDiesel System has patent pending status in 142 countries including
   the United States and Canada.

    Recent emission testing has exhibited substantial emission reductions 
    helping to pave the way to regulatory compliancy.

    The EcoDiesel line now features a small displacement unit designed for 1 to 4 L     
    engines. The soon to be released EcoDiesel MAX series supports 25 litre and
    larger transportation and stationary engines while the tried and true mainline
    EcoDiesel unit services all displacement in between. Visit the products page for  
    more details.

















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